St. Monica’s Child and Youth Centre

Date published: Posted on 08 November 2016
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Add Hope Supports St. Monica’s Child and Youth Centre
KFC’s Add Hope – now in its seventh year – has found a powerful way to unite staff and customers in the fight against hunger. Add Hope partners with over 110 beneficiary organisations to feed over 110 000 children every day across the country, helping them learn, grow and thrive. With World Hunger Month having kicked off in October, Add Hope continues to shine a spotlight on hunger issues in South Africa and the beneficiaries it supports.
In the final leg of their World Hunger Month roadshow, Add Hope visited St. Monica’s Child and Youth Centre in the Bluff, Durban with local media and KFC team members from surrounding stores. St. Monica’s houses 88 children ranging from 3 - 12 years old for boys and 3 – 18 years old for girls. There are however special cases, like that of one of the girls who grew up at St. Monica’s and has received a bursary to further her studies and become a teacher. She will be staying at the youth centre until she finishes her studies. The children are fed three nutritious meals daily, with their main meal being lunch.
The day began with an introduction from beneficiary Director and the children’s legal guardian, Althea Govender on the home which caters to abandoned and vulnerable children. Guests were then entertained by beautiful traditional isiZulu singing and dancing from the children and were then taken on a tour of the grounds where they were able to see where the children live, sleep and play.
Captions: Image 1: A few St Monica’s Child and Youth Centre children enjoying lunch
Image 2: A beautiful delivery of isiZulu singing and dancing
Image 3: Children enjoying playtime during the visit
Image 4: KFC staff members enjoying a moment with children at St Monica’s Child and Youth Centre.
Image 5: A culture of reading is a strong focus at St Monica’s Child and Youth centre

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