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Frequently Asked Questions

Myth: I have to donate in-store Vs online

Facts: We’ve made it real easy to make a difference in the lives of so many kids and to Add Hope. Lay on your couch and donate online or simply add R2 to your order next time you buy at KFC.

Myth: You have no choice but to donate to Add Hope when purchasing at KFC

Fact: Every customer has the right to say NO. Giving is supposed to leave you feeling happy and should promote social connection and cohesion. The R2 you donate along with KFC’s contribution helps Add Hope feed over 150 000 underprivileged children nutritious meals daily to help them cultivate a brighter future. . A future where every child has equal opportunities.

Myth: You can only donate R2

Fact: You can donate any amount from R2 up in store or online. Say, for example, you win the lottery and want to give away a million rand, we’d let you. Your family and friends might think you’re mad, but we’d totally give you a high five for helping underprivileged children cultivate a brighter future and ensuring every child has equal opportunities in life.

Myth: KFC does not donate to Add Hope

Fact: How uncool would it be if we let you do all the work? We contribute a portion of our profits every year to the donations made by our customers.

Myth: KFC uses the R2 to fund the organisation

Fact: Every cent collected by Add Hope goes to feeding the children nutritious meals ensuring they are able to cultivate a brighter future. Our very carefully managed KFC Social Responsibility Trust makes sure of that.

Myth: The children are fed KFC

The short answer is no. The long answer is no, no, no. We work closely with our beneficiaries to ensure the children are fed a varied menu of nutritious food.

Myth: Only KFC benefits from Add Hope donations?

Facts: We partner with over 140 non-profit organisations like Jam, Afrika Tikkun and SOS Children’s Villages, as well as smaller organisations in local communities. The money goes to them so that they can feed the children nutritious meals in the communities they serve.

Myth: You can’t even measure the impact of Add Hope

Fact: We listen to how many kid’s tummies have stopped growling, how many more kid’s are laughing and playing, and how many more kids can concentrate and participate in school. So far, over 150 000 kids around the country get healthy and nutritious meals from Add Hope daily. That’s a lot less tummies growling and we hope to keep increasing it.

Myth: There is no way you can feed 150 000 children in a sustainable way

Fact: It all comes down to donations – yours that you give at the till or online, and ours that we contribute from our profits. So far, Add Hope has ) raised R811 366 161, to liberate the potential of kids through nutritious meals, in every community KFC operates in.

Myth: KFC Employees don’t even want to get involved in Add Hope

Fact: Add Hope is a big deal at KFC. So big that after its success here in South Africa it has since gone global. It all starts with the teams at the till who ask if you want to Add Hope and then goes beyond that. We have also introduced the Add Hope Love Army, whose mandate is to fight child hunger, malnutrition and liberate the kids potential by feeding them nutritious meals and volunteering at their local beneficiary.

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