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You like Family Feud, huh? That’s great! Who doesn’t. But the problem with y’all arm-chair experts is that you think you can do better than the families on TV. It’s easy to sit there on your couch and ‘think’ you know all the answers, but it’s a whole other ball game when you’re actually in the spotlight. When its crunch time with time running out, when ‘umm’ and ‘uhhh’ aren’t one of the options, when your general knowledge gets exposed like a public enquiry.

So… couch contestant, you really think you can do better? Then prove it. Download the KFC app, create your family profile and play #BeatTheFeud – a unique question answer game only available during Family Feud every Sunday between 18:00 & 19:00 on eTV.

R10 000 could be all yours if your fam Beats The Feud – there are even spot prizes and weekly cash prizes up for grabs just for playing - That’s a win win win!

What are you waiting for? Download the app and show us what you got:

How to play

First things, first. Make sure you download the KFC app, and if you already have it, don’t forget to update it. Got it? Good. Okay, here’s a run down on how to play:

1. The #BeatTheFeud game is only available during the live airing of Family Feud on Sundays, so watch and play with your fam! Family Feud - Sundays from 18:00 to 19:00 on eTV

2. We surveyed 100 South Africans to get the highest scoring answers. Each answer has different points, so pick the answer that you think scored the highest with South African’s for each question.

3. 6 questions will activate during the ad breaks (2 per ad break) of the Family Feud episode every week. Make sure to answer them all to get the most points.

4. Rack up them points to stay on top of the leader board for spot prizes, weekly cash prizes & a chance at R10 000 cash! Let’s go!


Win win win… no matter what - all you have to do, is play along from home.
We don’t only reward you for Beating the Feud, we reward you for taking it on!
R50 000 worth of cash prizes and spot voucher prizes are up for grabs; here’s how you can get a piece of that cake:

  • Spot Prizes – Keep on playing #BeatTheFeud every week and we’ll surprise you with random spot prize KFC vouchers worth R200 a pop.
  • Weekly Cash Prizes – Win R2000 cash each week! To win you have to score the most points in that weeks game play.
  • R10 000 – Cash! For the whole fam! Get as many points throughout the Family Feud season, top the overall leader board at the end of the competition & #BeatTheFeud for a chance at the ultimate grand prize. Who knows, maybe Steve might even send you some love ;-)
  • And in case of a tie, a computer-generated draw will decide the winner.

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