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July 26, 2020

  • The KFC brand has been operating in South Africa for nearly 50 years.As a people-centric business, our employees are critical priority for us, and their wellbeing is central to our operations.
  • KFC, being part of YUM! Brands globally, is committed to putting its people first during this time of Covid-19. Therefore, through the YUM! Foundation, our international relief fund, any employee who tests positive for Covid-19 will have access to a US$1000 grant. This benefit is also available to close family members of employees who test positive for Covid-19. Should any employee unfortunately pass away due to Covid-19, the fund can pay up to US$2000 to assist the family with funeral expenses.
  • We have also set up the KFC Care Trust, an initiative to provide food parcels aimed specifically at our hourly-paid employees who have been heavily impacted by the restaurant closures and limited trade.
  • As a responsible corporate citizen, we remain committed to delivering the taste that South Africans have come to love, whilst at the same time taking the utmost care to ensure the health and safety of our staff, customers and suppliers, all in compliance with standards, procedures and regulations laid out by government. In addition to our regular stringent hygiene protocols, we are also closely monitoring and following guidelines from the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) and the Department of Health (DoH).
  • Currently, no evidence exists that says the virus can be transmitted via food or food packaging. However, our food safety policies and standards in our restaurants meet or surpass all industry and govemment requirements.
  • In addition to this, our chicken is cooked at high temperatures of 170 degrees Celsius and held in warming cabinets above 60 degrees, 22 degrees above the minimum standard temperature.
  • What happens if there's a case?
    • The restaurant is immediately closed
    • All raw, cooked, open, pre-packed and perishable food items are disposed of
    • All team members leave the restaurant
    • All team members undergo immediate medical testing, and those exposed to the confirmed team members must self-quarantine at home for 14 days
    • The restaurant will only reopen once all protocols with respect to deep cleaning and sanitisation have been followed to ensure that it is completely safe for our customers and employees

Here are all the safety measures we’re taking in our stores:

1. At the Drive-Thru

Our Drive-Thru team members always:

  • Wash and sanitise their hands before and after each transaction
  • Hand over food using one hand to avoid contact with the customer

Cash Payments:

  • Cashiers hold out a Drive-Thru tray in one hand for customers to place cash on the tray
  • Change, invoice and slip are returned to customer using the same tray
  • All Drive-Thru trays get sanitised after every use

Card Payments:

  • Cashiers use the Drive-Thru tray with card device
  • Customers are encouraged to use ‘Tap to Pay’ option to minimise contact
  • Invoice and card slip is returned to customer using the same tray
  • That tray gets sanitised after every use
  • Card device also gets sanitised after every use

Click here to see which restaurants have Drive-Thru available.

2. When you Click & Collect via drive-thru or take away

  • All KFC window team members will wash and sanitise their hands prior to putting on their gloves
  • All KFC window team members will wear deli gloves to ensure they are not in contact with food/cash/cards
  • Gloves will be discarded every 30 minutes / handwash cycle
  • Hot and cold items will be packed separately
  • All handovers will be done using one hand only, ensuring there is no contact with the customer

Cash Payments:

  • Cashiers will hold a tray in one hand for customers to place their cash on the tray
  • Cashiers will return exact change with invoice and slip using a tray
  • The tray will be sanitised after every use

Card Payments:

  • Cashiers will use a tray to reach out with a card device
  • Customers are encouraged to use their 'Tap to Pay' option when paying with their cards
  • All Invoices and slips will be returned to customers using a tray
  • The tray will be sanitised after every use
  • Card machine pins will be sanitised after every use

Face Shields:

All frontline employees will wear a Face Shield to ensure seamless interaction with customers, including:

  • Cashiers
  • Window team members
  • Team members at the entrances offering sanitiser to customers
  • The Face Shield will be sanitised every 2 hours

Hygiene Hero:

  • The Hygiene Captain is responsible for ensuring all surfaces are sanitised every 30 minutes
  • The Hygiene Captain will wash and sanitise their hands prior to putting on their gloves
  • The Hygiene Captain will wear gloves at all times
  • Gloves will be discarded every 30 minutes/handwash cycle

Sneeze Screen:

  • At least two Sneeze Screens will be installed at every KFC store
  • The Sneeze Shield will be sanitised every 2 hours

We know that was a lot to digest, (See we what did there?) but we’d recommend that you take the time out to see our new way of doing things so that you can satisfy that KFC craving while staying safe.

  • Our Food Safety and Quality Standards are still in place across the KFC Value Chain,from manufacturers to DCs to restaurants. This has been further supported with clear health and safety controls implemneted by all partners to ensure the safety of their personnel, and on the KFC Teams in restaurants.
  • All Covid-19 requirements as stated by the government have been implemented at our suppliers based of the Department of Labour, and we have requested that if there are confirmed cases, that we are informed immediately for our own contact-tracing.
  • Our aggregrators(Mr D and Uber Food) have also assured us that they have their own stringent measures in place.
  • Add Hope
    • Under normal circumstances,Add Hope provides over 30 million meals per year to over 150000 childern-supporting more than 140 different non-profit organisations, across South Africa.
    • These are for the most part, early childhood development centres and school feeding schemes and include several organisations with a national footprint as well as smaller organisations, which service specific communities.
    • To date, due to continued efforts by our beneficiary organisations on the ground, KFC Add Hope has been able to steadily increase the reach and scale of its relief feeding efforts with over 2.5 million meals distributed and over 43697 emergency food parcels delivered to over 9 provinces-reaching over 218000 people with over 730 tons of food.
  • Stores that are open.
  • Menu Items: We believe in serving only the best fresh ingredients. So, we reopened with a limited menu, but all your favourites are back click here to view the full menu.
  • We also want to ensure we offer our guests new ways to order and enjoy KFC. That is why we are piloting KFC Curbside Collection. What is the all new KFC Curbside Collection? It's a super simple way to order KFC online and have it brought to your car. Simply download the KFC App and select your preferred restaurant based on your location, select Curbside collection, and place your order. Confirm your car details, make payment and your are ready to go. Finally, drive to your selected KFC restaurant, choose the allocated Curbside parking bay, check-in on the App and a KFC team member will deliver your order to your car, safely and conveniently.

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