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April 03, 2019

KFC has been entrenched in the hearts of consumers since it opened its first restaurant in the country in 1971. KFC is opening the Colonel’s Kitchen Tour to share how we prepare and cook our Finger Lickin’ Good chicken that is served to customers and debunk myths about our food.

Our farm to restaurant process is one which we are proud of and we make sure all our suppliers and restaurant teams share the same vision. “KFC sells quality chicken” KFC prides itself on the hard work it takes to ensure that customers get the best quality and great tasting food they have grown to know and love. Chicken is sourced from local reputable South African suppliers and is delivered three times a week in a cold truck to the restaurants. The chicken is quality and safety checked 34 times before it leaves the farm and delivered. Each batch of chicken starts with highly trained cooks inspecting each piece to makes sure it’s the best. The individual pieces are then hand breaded and rolled into KFC’s secret combination of 11 herbs and spices recipe ensuring a crisp golden finish and distinctive taste before deep frying the chicken to be served to customers.

kfc kitchen

“KFC follows the best global hygiene and safety standards?” All KFC restaurants follow the same strict standards and procedures to ensure the quality of our chicken and products served. Each KFC cook goes through the brand’s nationally accredited training system which involves on the ground and theoretical training for 3-months for all team members. Each KFC restaurant is audited five times a year by an independent auditor to ensure that team members adhere to and maintain strict health and safety standards and procedures and are scored accordingly. All other food items are kept in a separate cooler to avoid contamination with the chicken.

“KFC’s chicken is served fresh” Once the chicken is breaded and deep fried at high temperatures (180 degrees Fahrenheit), and ready to be served to customers, it is then stored in a warming cabinet at 82 degrees Celsius, and specially marked with a holding time. The temperature is essential because it ensures food safety. If this holding time of an hour and a half is reached the chicken will not be served to customers and will be discarded responsibly. This ensures safe product is served every time and allows the cooks to diligently monitor the freshness of the chicken. These are only a few of the important unique processes shared in the Colonel’s Kitchen and the reason why KFC continues to serve its customers, good quality, freshly prepared chicken which they have grown to trust and love.

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KFC has been entrenched in the hearts of consumers since it opened its first restaurant in the country in 1971.

April 03, 2019
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