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February 15, 2019
KFC’s Colonel and Mrs. Ball’s Chutney Are in the Throes of One Fiery and Sweet Love Saga

If you haven’t seen the latest happenings on social media, here’s the spicy scoop.

It seems that KFC’s Colonel and Mrs. Ball’s Chutney are in the throes of one fiery and sweet love saga.

The Colonel turned on his Southern charm for South Africa’s sweetest peach earlier this month, and since then, their ongoing banter has morphed from fiery “flirtationship” to a full-blown love saga.

KFC slides into Mrs Ball’s timeline:
Mrs Balls’ response:
Facebook comment screenshot
facebook comment screenshot
KFC feels Mrs Ball’s heat:

When it comes to making moves on someone on social media, it’s quite brave sliding onto someone’s timeline as opposed to someone’s DMs.

But, as you can see Mrs Ball’s wasn’t having any of it, ‘swiping left’ on KFC’s first attempt.

Which is why KFC had to up their game.

One fiery surprise...

Some people drop off a bunch of flowers or chocolates, KFC on the other hand went one step further, actually, make that 100 steps.

KFC delivered not only 100 burgers to Mrs Ball’s office, they dropped off 100 roses, a true declaration of love for South Africa’s most-loved chutney.

So, what’s your end game”?

Mrs Ball’s office was truly blown away by KFC’s fiery delivery, with all her colleagues tucking in. But she still wasn’t convinced yet by the declaration of love, as she still questioned KFC’s motives by saying, “the burgers were a nice touch – but what’s your end game, huh?”. KFC had one final “play” in their game. And it was strong.

They call me the Colonel…
facebook comment screenshot
kfc facebook zinger chutney

So once again the Colonel took it up a notch, dedicating a swoon-worthy love song to Mrs. Balls that aired on Kaya FM, East Coast Radio, Algoa, Metro FM, Jacaranda FM, OFM and Heart FM. You can listen to the catchy track here: https://bit.ly/2RV3umv

**Disclaimer: get ready to have it stuck in your head all day.

Since then it was a done deal, with the peachy pair posting sweet nothings on each other’s Facebook walls on the reg. The dynamic duo also created something beautiful together: The Zinger Chutney Burger. The burger consists of a delicious KFC Zinger fillet, a slice of fresh tomato, crisp lettuce, a creamy slice of cheese, piquanté peppers, and of course, a generous helping of delicious Mrs. Ball’s Chutney. In short, a tasty tribute to their sweet & fiery love story. Celebrate the month of love by sinking your teeth into the Finger Lickin’ love saga! (And follow the Colonel & Mrs. Ball’s relationship on social media with the #NowTogether).

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